About Morel

Established in 1880, Morel has been providing the optical world with outstanding products for over 135 years. Relying on extensive industry know how, humble roots, and family owned structure, the company is headed by the fourth generation of the Morel family; Jérôme, Francis, and Amélie.

Our United States headquarters currently operates from New Jersey where we remain family owned. Since the beginning, we have been focused on product and throughout our existence Morel continues to be inspired by creative independence.

With a team of some of the brightest designers in the business, we present a dynamic offering of house brands; Öga, Koali, Lightec, and Nomad. 100% of the design process is carried out in France, on-site, with complete freedom to create quality product with engaging stories at a price point appealing to both you and your customers. We guarantee an ultimate fit, comfort, longevity, and most importantly value.

Our dedicated teams both in the field, and in the home office, work in close collaboration with our retail partners to ensure consumers have compelling choices which speak to their point of view.

At Morel, we work tirelessly to ensure our retail partners, associates, and product wearers are enthused and proud to be part of our family.